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Dedicated to Sardinian artists

The young Sardinian artists jokingly named Nuoro the Athens of Sardinia. 

Proportionally, it is actually the most cultured and combative town of the Island. We have artists and poets, writers and scholars, some strong and kind young men, who do honour to Sardinia and are also on their way to become famous

  Cit. Grazia Deledda 

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  • Eau de Parfum Sebastiano

    Price €170.00

    The Belle Époque... An afternoon at the Tettamanzi café in the heart of the Barbagia region... Sultry and sensual leather enclosed in a blend of woods... An olfactory...

  • Candle Grazia

    Price €65.00

    A tribute to Grazia Deledda, the author from Nuoro, the first Italian woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize. An old courtyard in the centre of Nuoro, in the Barbagia...

  • Eau de Parfum Maria

    Price €170.00

    A rose garden, between the sea and the mountains... The nephelius, yuzu and pink pepper add an unexpected exotic touch to the deliciously delicate velvety nature of...

  • Eau de Parfum Francesco

    Price €170.00

    La Belle Époque... An old barbershop in the heart of Nuoro... The warm sensual scent of wood blends with the earthy smoky essence of vetiver... A spicy heart of...

  • Eau de Parfum Grazia

    Price €170.00

    A summer afternoon, a sparkling garden warmed by the sun... Pink peppercorns, bergamot and heliotrope shine over a heart of ginger and rhubarb... Enriched and...