Bath Foam

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Completely natural, the exclusive collection of COSMERALDA bath foam is made with artisanal methods using skin-friendly ingredients and vegetable cleansing bases that do not irritate the skin. The essential oil of myrtle, traditionally used as an elixir for beauty and youthfulness, is used extensively in aromatherapy for its purifying and moisturising properties, providing tired skin with an immediate sensation of freshness.

The organic Casanoa olive oil, rich in polyphenols and vitamin E, stimulates the regenerative processes of the skin. The inebriating fragrance, created with essential oils from Sardinian wildflowers, leads you on a scented journey to the heart of our wonderful island, leaving your skin delightfully perfumed.



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  • Bath Foam Entu

    Price €30.00

    Fresh, pure, miraculous, just like our crystal-clear sea. An escape from daily life to wind-swept beaches. The breaking waves, the salty fresh air and the occasional...

  • Bath Foam Hammentos

    Price €30.00

    Surprising and enticing, an olfactory journey of memory recalling our typical flavours, simple yet intense, unique and unforgettable. A recollection of traditional...

  • Bath Foam Horo

    Price €30.00

    Intense and mysterious, with the strong personality of our traditions, full of unique rituals and customs handed down from generation to generation and carved into...

  • Bath Foam Petra

    Price €30.00

    Wild, hypnotic and seductive, just like our wonderful land. Herbaceous notes add an unexpected touch to the scent of citrus, intertwining and blending with the floral...