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  • Home Diffuser Refill Horo

    Price €48.00

    Intense and mysterious, with the strong personality of our traditions, full of unique rituals and customs handed down from generation to generation and carved into our memories. Sensual and...

  • Home Diffuser Refill Entu

    Price €48.00

    Fresh, pure, miraculous, just like our crystal-clear sea. An escape from daily life to wind-swept beaches. The breaking waves, the salty fresh air and the occasional spray of water. The...

  • Home Diffuser Refill Petra

    Price €48.00

    Wild, hypnotic and seductive, just like our wonderful land. Herbaceous notes add an unexpected touch to the scent of citrus, intertwining and blending with the floral notes of violet and...

  • Home Diffuser Refill Hammentos

    Price €48.00

    Surprising and enticing, an olfactory journey of memory recalling our typical flavours, simple yet intense, unique and unforgettable. A recollection of traditional Sardinian sweets, citrus is...