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  • Eau de Parfum Sebastiano

    Price €170.00

    The Belle Époque... An afternoon at the Tettamanzi café in the heart of the Barbagia region... Sultry and sensual leather enclosed in a blend of woods... An olfactory...

  • Eau de Cologne Entu

    Price €130.00

    The fruity bouquet adds a spicy touch to the lively and sunny nature of the marine notes, which glitters over a floral heart, embellished by the natural aromatic...

  • Eau de Cologne Petra

    Price €130.00

    A wild and unexpected encounter between citrus and herbaceous notes that marry with a floral bouquet giving off an extraordinary, seductive and mysterious sweetness....

  • Eau de Parfum Maria

    Price €170.00

    A rose garden, between the sea and the mountains... The nephelius, yuzu and pink pepper add an unexpected exotic touch to the deliciously delicate velvety nature of...

  • Eau de Parfum Francesco

    Price €170.00

    La Belle Époque... An old barbershop in the heart of Nuoro... The warm sensual scent of wood blends with the earthy smoky essence of vetiver... A spicy heart of...

  • Eau de Parfum Grazia

    Price €170.00

    A summer afternoon, a sparkling garden warmed by the sun... Pink peppercorns, bergamot and heliotrope shine over a heart of ginger and rhubarb... Enriched and...

  • Eau de Cologne Sa Pompia

    Price €130.00

    The famous Sardinian endemic fruit, Sa Pompia, with its unmistakable scent... A wonderful blooming garden kissed by the sun, not far from the sea... Fresh and...

  • Eau de Cologne S'Aranzada

    Price €130.00

    A perfume dedicated to Nuoro, S'Aranzada Nugoresa, the famous festive sweet with a rare and refined taste... The perfect marriage between orange peel, almonds and...